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Frequently Asked Questions.

Everything you need to know!

What is Lagoon® Ideas?
Lagoon® Ideias is a collaborative application which enables the management of innovation in organizations. No doubt that nowadays, innovation is a factor which makes a difference and with Lagoon® Ideas it becomes an easy process. The management of ideas and interfaces are present in this application. Lagoon® Ideas was developed according to the Portuguese standard NP 4457 (Research, development and innovation management).
Is Lagoon® Ideas distributed in SaaS mode?
Yes. Lagoon® Ideas is a web application and is hosted as a service. There is no need to be concerned in purchasing new hardware or have dedicated employees to maintain the system.
How to install Lagoon® Ideas?
Lagoon® Ideas is an application which is hosted on the cloud. Thus, there is no need to install software in your organization and solely internet access is needed.
How to use the Lagoon® Ideas demo?
The Lagoon® Ideas demo is a free version. All you need to do is click on the Try it now for free button and you will have access to all the features of the RDI manager.
For how long will data be available in a demo environment?
As this is a demo environment the privacy of the data introduced cannot be guaranteed. However, if a demo environment particularly for your organization is desired, do not hesitate to contact us. It will be a pleasure to assist you.
Which is the level of security available for your data?
The privacy and security of your data is our priority. Your data will be private and will not be used other than for this service.
How is an idea registered on Lagoon® Ideas?
The register process of an idea is simple and functional. In order to insert an idea you should open the application and download the menu “ideas”, click on the menu “New” and finalized your register.
How is an action registered on Lagoon® Ideas?
The user will give permission to register an action, that is, the profile which is defined on the application should enable the register. In order to register the action, click on the menu “Action” then “download”. After the filling in and of the action, it will be inserted on the application. As soon as the action is registered all employees have access to it, and if desired a solution may be provided. The answers to the actions flow in the same manner as the ideas.
How is an interface registered?
Before register an interface it is necessary to analyze the external partners in order to identify who are the contributors that are interacting or may interact in the exchange of data considered necessary by the organization in order to produce knowledge. Before the sorting out of this information it is possible to plan the interfaces, which are registered on the application. On the menu “interfaces” select the category of interface which you wish to insert and register it. The interface module not only allows the register of data as well as the monitoring of inserted data.
Is it possible to manage profiles and permissions?
Yes. It is possible to configure the user profiles and permissions. This is enabled by the application which creates adapted profiles for your organization.