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Innovate with Lagoon® Ideas!

A collaborative platform of ideas and interfaces management.

Lagoon® Ideas enable the management of the whole process of managing ideas and interfaces defined in the Portuguese standard NP 4457:2007, which outlines the requirements for RDI as well as Innovation Management Systems, in an easy and intuitive manner.
It enables the research of ideas and the solution to problems, within and out of the organization. Hence, allowing the process to become accessible to internal employees, partners, clients suppliers and others, maximizing the resolution of problems and creating new solutions for the organization.
The platform has a centralized interface which allows to develop the collaboration among its partners and employees. Thus managing the process from the reception, analysis and assessment of ideas to its delivery for implementation.

Lagoon® Ideas supports the Portuguese standard NP 4457

Research, development and innovation management

"The certification in innovation management systems consists in an organization demonstrating that it has implemented a RDI management system which satisfies requirements defined in the standard NP 4457. The RDI management system is part of a generalized management system which encompasses the organization structure, planning of activities, responsibilities, practices, procedures, processes and resources in order to implement, revise and update the RDI policy of the organization. The main aim is to enable an organization to develop and implement a RDI policy which has the goal of increasing performance efficiency with regard to innovation. This standard defines the requirements of a Research, development and innovation Management system in order for an organization to develop and implement an RDI policy with the objective of increasing its efficiency regarding its innovating performance. All requirements of this standard are applicable to an organization with RDI activities, regardless of its size, complexity and business sector. The NP 4457 standard is applicable to any type of innovation: product (goods and services); process; organizational; and marketing; or even a combination of these."
(Text in "Portuguese Institute of Quality").

Main goals of Lagoon® Ideas

Lagoon® Ideas has the main goal of assisting your organization:

In the Cloud

The Lagoon® Ideas is a web application which enables great flexibility among its users. The application is hosted on a cloud , thus, cutting down on costs with regard to the purchase of equipment and the recruiting of specialized staff to ensure the maintenance of the company’s system. Hence, enabling team members, suppliers and partners to take part in the innovation of the system at any moment.