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Frequently Asked Questions.

Everything you need to know!

Why to use Lagoon® Security?
Lagoon® Security helps you on development section of authentication and authorization of your information systems. It gives you the opportunity to manage permissions and user profiles centrally and equally to all instances of their systems. This way all your new applications will have a lower development time because you can focus your team on important issues for your business.
How do i install Lagoon® Security?
Lagoon® Security is a web based security application so you do not have to install any software or plugins. You only have to configure your applications in Lagoon® Security and adapt them to communicate with our system. To facilitate this process we provide two connectors: PLINT to Play! Framework and RLINT to Ruby on Rails web frameworks.
How does Lagoon® Security free trial works?
The Lagoon® Security free trial is completely free of charge. No credit card information is required just click here and start now in our demo environment.
How long will the information be available in demo environment?
Since this is a demo environment we can not guarantee the privacy and integrity of data entered with the exception of all passwords entered. However if you want to try the Lagoon® Security and your business requires data privacy, please contact us. We will be happy to provide you a test environment to your needs.
What's an environment on Lagoon® Security?
An environment is an instance of an application. In Lagoon® Security each instance is configured as a distribution point with its own credentials to access via RESTFul API. Each application can have one or more instances according to the licensing scheme selected and can represent a client application which will be associated with applicational users. On development phase an instance could be your Development, Test, Staging, QA, or production environments.
It's possible to manage permissions and profiles across environments?
Yes. For each application it is possible to configure user profiles and permissions. This configuration can be dispensed for each application environment. This allows to create new profiles and access points on your development environment and after testing it you can use them on others environments.
Lagoon® Security support distributed applications in SaaS mode?
We realize the importance to our customers of shared resources used by the applications of the 21st century. Lagoon® Security provides total support for distributed applications in SaaS maintaining its base configuration. Applications with SaaS mode active will find a new entity 'Context' that separates users for each applicational tennant. You can distribute only a few profiles for each tenant depending on their nature. The jump between tenants is completely controlled by the client application via RESTFul API.
What's the level of security that we provide for your data?
Your data privacy and security are our top priorities and always will be.

We will never give, rent or sell access to your data to anyone else, nor will we make use of it ourselves for any purpose other than to provide you this email service.

Software Security
Your information is protected by software at several different levels. There are constantly tested and updated firewall and operating system software programs in place on all our servers that restrict access to authorised users. The databases are further protected by access restrictions, and key information (including your password) is encrypted when stored. SSL (HTTPS) is used throughout the application and RESTFul API, including of course to transmit sensitive information such as your application configuration.

Backup Facilities
Your data is constantly mirrored to a redundant backup server, meaning in the event of any significant failure we can instantly switch to this live backup with minor data loss. Additionally all your data is backed up to an off-site location every night so that in the event of a system-wide disaster, we can perform a full backup recovery.
What forms of payment do we accept?
At the moment Lagoon® Security is only available in demo environment. We are working to provide a pricing plan that suits your needs.
Can i use Lagoon® Security on my tablet?
Of course! We followed the growth of the number of mobile devices around the world and we intend to provide an optimal viewing experience at the largest number of devices possible, collecting techniques and ideas to build a responsive web design.
Where can i see user guide documentation?
The documentation for the successful integration of the system with your applications is available together with each connector: PLINT and RLINT. If you want to use directly our RESTFul API see the documentation here. If you have any question join the Google Group to discuss and get help. We recognize the importance of good documentation so we are constantly improving it.
When will an official version be available for purchase?
Currently we are working with our stakeholders to deliver the final version. Be sure to check out our social networking sites and follow us to know more about latest releases and deals.