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Getting started

with Lagoon® Security platform is easy!

It is possible to immediately provide all applications with a security system able to offer centralized configuration and total management of all applications, environments and application users in your company, service or any kind of applications that can reproduce http requests. In order to streamline the system integration of security into new applications or existing ones, we provide connectors that encapsulate the Lagoon® Security RESTFul API in two of the most used web frameworks today: Play! Framework and Ruby on Rails.

With the connectors we intend to offer our customers the continuity of the well known developing principles present in these frameworks, as: Agility, Convention over Configuration, Do not repeat yourself, Model-View-Controller and software engineering patterns. For those who don't work with this technologies and principles we provide a RESTFul API capable to respond to any kind of http request producer technology. This way all applications can connect with Lagoon® Security RESTFul API.

Nowadays it's commonly used SaaS (Software as a Service) as distribution model of web applications. Lagoon® Security offers their customers the opportunity to manage applications that work in this distribution model in real time. Your applications have power to decide which pre-configured security schema is better for each tenant.

Choose one to start!

  • Play! Framework

  • Ruby on Rails


Like all Play! Framework developers know, this web framework makes sure to keep the focus of its users on the value of its features rather than issues of MVC architecture and structural problems. We provide an official module, named PLINT ( Play! Framework Lagoon® Security Interface) that allows an easy and simple way to integrate Play! Framework applications with Lagoon® Security. With this module development becomes even faster because abstract developer to secure all routes of applications and specific controller / action automatically. Using this module development becomes even faster, as all routes (controller/action) become automatically secure.

PLINT is distributed as a normal Play! Framework module, empowering your applications to a higher level of security so easy, safe and effective. It is responsible for communicating with Lagoon® Security on every access to any resource, granting or denying it, according to provided authentication/authorization. As a result, developers can work with authentication / authorization plain Java objects completing with business information as needed.

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Lagoon® Security and Ruby on Rails go hand in hand! We provide a gem which links the two systems in a flash. The integration is simple and intuitive. It has never been so easy! In our believe Ruby on Rails offers high productivity. To integrate your applications with Lagoon® Security by the same principles we developed an official gem named RLINT (Ruby Lagoon® Security Interface) that abstracts integrators from the RESTFul API. This integration is based on one initializer where you can specify the access credentials to communicate with Lagoon® Security RESTFul API and obtain an authentication/authorization object to manipulate data in your controllers. This way developers can abstract the HTTP requests to poll Lagoon® Security RESTFul API and use the gem objects in their web applications. Of course, if necessary, it's possible to use our RESTFul API directly! Get on Github and follow the documentation!

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Lagoon® Security can be integrated with any application capable of producing REST requests, no matter what technology, age, size and business area they have. The RESTFul API enables developers to access some of the core primitives of Lagoon® Security, which include Application information, Modules, Profiles, Environments and Users. If you're building an application that has many users, profiles and access control points, this RESTFul API is for you! With a few RESTFul API calls you have the information you need to allow or deny actions like show, edit, delete and create for each resource. It's very simple to learn, as only a few routes are necessary to obtain data from Lagoon® Security. There are a few number of important things to know before using the RESTFul API so if you have questions read FAQ and join our dynamic google group community. Get on Github and follow the documentation!

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