It is our belief that training is the key to success. Every trimester free workshops on our products are provided. Through prior enrollment our Lagoon® clients will have access to two vacancies per year. Training packages for users will be available. Thus, enabling users to operate with the acquired products.
Training may occur face to face or online, according to client’s interest. Whichever the case, we ensure quality and client satisfaction.

What are the training areas?

Training For Users

The training for users is tailored towards common users. During training concepts shall be transmitted and available functionalities explained and visited.


Training For Administrators

The training for administrators is tailored for administrator users, who have and added responsibility in the system. They will have access to restricted areas with regard to functionality. During training concepts will be transmitted, functionalities explained and administrative points focused on.


Training For System Integration

Our solutions may be integrated with other solutions. This training is tailored for system managers, with the need to integrate existing systems with a new one.



The decision to purchase software isn´t always easy. The reason for this is due to the doubts which occur with regard to the impact it will bring to the organization. The most common problem is the integration of the new system with the already existing platforms and the import of information to the new platform. As there are not clients with the same needs, we have created a team of specialized consultants, who will work together with you by dealing with problems and assisting in the choice of the best solution.

What's the process?

The consulting process is finalized solely when client satisfaction is ensured.